Why Combining Traditional and Digital Marketing is a Smart Move

Digital Marketing is not something new to anyone anymore. With the coming of the high-speed internet connection and the availability of Internet-supported devices such as smartphones, tablets, ipads, and computers, the growth rate of digital marketing has grown by leaps and bounds in the last few years.

Why traditional marketing?

A lot of marketers today think that online or digital marketing is the most effective. So they don’t spend their resources doing the old traditional marketing. But this is the reason why they are not very successful.

We cannot deny the fact that not everyone is interested in social media. Some people still read newspapers every day, watch television, and listen to the radio. Also, some products are better suited for digital marketing and vice versa. Your main priority as a business owner is to use whatever platforms to advertise so that you promote your brand or product to the right audience.

The idea is to remember that you’re not going to succeed by debating whether digital marketing is better or traditional marketing is better. It would be best if you used a little bit of both.

How to combine digital marketing and traditional marketing

Below are the 5 most effective ways to combine digital marketing and traditional marketing.

Magazines and Internet

If you think that the print media is dead, you are absolutely wrong. Do you not see the reason why you find newly printed magazines every month, or every week? Magazines are the most effective traditional or classical way of reaching out to a specific target audience.

In digital media, ads are really annoying. But the case is very different in magazines. Any type of ads can be placed anywhere in the magazine; it will obviously be less irritating and have a longer shelf life.

  • Video ads

Not many young people have a television in their homes, and this has led to the cost reduction of TV ads. It must be mentioned that many people still watch TV to get the latest news updates. Also, a lot of TV channels even have their own apps and YouTube channels.

So it wouldn’t hurt to run a short commercial on television, and the cool thing is that you can use the same video content for your website or social media.

  • Billboards, Banners, and Geotargeting

Billboards and banners have been amongst the top traditional marketing strategy for many years, and it’s still an effective way to reach out to a new audience. You can make this even more fruitful by using geo-targeting to determine the location of your site’s visitors and then advertise the content strategically. This will help you get to your target audience more quickly. 

  • Streaming ads and radio
direct mail vs e-mail marketing

A lot of people have a habit of turning on the radio for music or news during their morning drive. It would be best if you grabbed this opportunity to get more exposure. In addition, you should also buy placement on YouTube, Spotify, and other popular podcasts.

Direct mail and email

Emails are not as effective as it used to be, this is because there are thousands of businesses that use this strategy to make sales. On the other hand, most people love it when they receive a postcard/physical letter with some kind, thoughtful words.

This increases the chance of leading them through the sales funnel. What you need to know is that not many businesses today use direct mail. So, make use of both, you never know which one will convert.


Despite what the people may say, you should never make the mistake of leaving the traditional marketing. You may be called ‘old fashioned’ by some, but you should ignore them. Just make sure you follow the above steps, tell your unique story to the world, and you should rise above your competitors.