Why Branding is Critical For Small and Local Businesses

According to Uberall’s survey, Branded Vs. Unbranded Search, up to 81% of local searches are unbranded. On the contrary, branded searches are about 19%. The main reason is that small businesses do not fill out their profile correctly on Google My Business. This platform by Google is one of the driving forces that take local companies to the top.

The same survey also points out that this increases competition. Most consumers make unbranded queries to locate a global brand. So when your business does not have a very specific offering, your service, and the product becomes almost generic. 

Why is this consumer behaviour affecting your local business?

Earlier the volume of online consumers was just a handful. But these days, the bulk of online consumers daily are almost staggering. Besides, Google has been prioritizing its platforms to give visibility to small and local businesses. 

A vast majority of online shoppers do searches using the mobile platform. Up to 88% of these shoppers typically search for a location that sells the items they want. So if your business doesn’t have accurate information, consumers go to your competitor to make the purchase.

Another reason that influences buyers is your responsiveness. Businesses that reply to their clients establish trust with potential buyers. If you don’t respond to your customers, you lose credibility. But remember that queries can only come in if your information is correct and customers find it. 

The same survey reveals that working with a third-party provider to understand the customer’s query process is a proven way to boost your ratings. Since most costumers tweak their search descriptions, identifying them can be beneficial for your business. 

How branding can help improve your business 

With ever-changing consumer behaviour, you need to keep up with it. And branding is a fantastic way to keep up with your clients. The different ways in which branding can increase your visibility are:

  • You get the opportunity to state the reasons that make your business unique. To say that there are similar businesses out there, there is an understatement. With more and more business owners making the transition to the online platform, the market is saturated than ever. So unless you have the right branding, your business will get lost in the sea of similar companies. 
  • When you establish your branding, you create trust with your clients. The branding can be a name, an acronym, or a logo. The functionality of your product or service is vital to the consumers. However, consumers also rely heavily on their psychological and emotional appeal to make the purchase. Therefore, if you have great branding, you make a connection with them even before making a purchase. 
  • Branding also adds value to your marketing profile. When a client trusts your business, they will not hesitate to recommend it to other people they know. This increases your brand’s visibility in a significant way.
  • Finally, the right branding allows you to sell your products and services. In turn, you generate more revenue, which is the ultimate goal of every business, big or small. 

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