Google’s Updated Tools For Local Businesses

The Search Engine giant-Google has been providing businesses across the globe with a platform to reach out to its customers and clients. It’s only been five years ever since it first launched ‘Google my business,’ which is a bunch of tools for businesses to make their presence felt across the globe through various Google platforms. This has proved to be a boon for many Google users.

Google’s new tools. The new Facebook?

The Search Engine giant launched its own social network Google+ to keep up with the competitors. However, it was shut down recently. Although the social network was brought down, Google is still engaged in a competition with Facebook, but differently. The company is now focused on utilizing its strength, the most used Google platforms such as the Google Search Engine, Gmail, and Google, to name a few. Instead of building a social network empire, Google is determined to help businesses grow through these platforms.

In 2018, the company added a new feature which allows the users to follow and make direct contact with the businesses through messages and keep themselves updated on the sales, events, and promotions.

With the new feature on Google Map, customers can mark and follow businesses to stay updated. On the other hand, businesses are allowed to access customers’ review and answer their queries. This is almost similar to hitting a like button someone’s Facebook page.

Today, business establishments are also allowed to customize their business profile on Google. Some of the features include uploading photos, adding logos, and even a profile cover photo. Adding captions are soon to be featured as well. This is another bold statement made by Google. In addition, a short name and a URL can now be used by the businesses after claiming it. In a couple of months, these short names can be used to search enterprises to on Google maps by the customers.

The new welcome offers allow businesses to give new followers a discount or gifts as a reward. The most striking feature is the ‘Marketing Kit Website.’ Here, the businesses can place free posters or stickers at their businesses and retail locations by ordering them.

The Search Engine giant has claimed that ‘Google my business’ platform has over 150 million users since it was launched five years ago. According to one of its officials, Google is focused on helping businesses to grow, improve user experience, especially on ‘search’ and ‘maps.’