Customers demand an omnichannel experience

Advertising has become more of a two-way experience. Before, you would put out an ad on the television, billboard, or in the yellow pages and sit back and wait for someone to call you. However, these outdated tactics are no longer working, and law firms realize they need to find a better way. That better way is through digital marketing.  

Digital marketing comes in all shapes and sizes. There isn’t a one-size plan that will work in every instance. However, you need to understand what impact your website and digital marketing will have on your advertising. When someone is in need of your attorney services, they, in most cases, will take to the internet. They will search for keywords to find a lawyer that can help them. They currently have a situation or problem and are looking to solve it with the help of an attorney.  

Improve your marketing efforts with digital assets

But how will they know that your office is the right one to contact? That’s where your digital assets will come in. While you might be advertising your law firm using various tactics such as online marketing, social media marketing, SEO, or other methods, that’s just the beginning. Once you get the person to your website, you will need to show them why you are the best. This can be done with content marketing or via an online chat. Both of these methods are perfect for those seeking an attorney specializing in a certain area. This allows your firm to stand out to them. These methods are also constantly working for you, day or night. Your office doesn’t have to be open to appeal to the visitor.

Increased accessibility

Most law companies are open only during normal business hours. However, clients still search for lawyers for their particular needs, even after hours. This means that your website should have content on it about the law firm. You should also include informative content as well. This allows those looking for information regarding particular areas of law to find what they need. This will also show that you have authority and understanding of this sort of law. Visitors will consume your educational content online 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Even on days and hours when the law firm is closed. 

Improve your exposure

Traditional marketing methods cannot get this level of exposure. As an example, a billboard or outdoor sign can only be seen by those who go to the location. Commercials on the radio and television air only at particular hours. An excellent law firm website, claiming your Google My Business listing, and social media management are just a few examples of digital marketing methods that may deliver information about your legal practice at any time of day or night. It is also important to note that the information is there when the potential client is looking for it. Those passing a billboard or listening to the radio may not be in a situation where they need the services of a lawyer. They will not pay attention to the billboard or radio ad because it doesn’t relate to them. But, with digital marketing, lawyer offices can target people who need attorney services. 

If you are in a law firm and looking to expand your marketing into the digital realm, KDM can help. Give us a call, and let’s discuss your ideas.

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