Conversion Tracking – The Most Crucial Component of Google Ads

What is conversion tracking?

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If you’ve been into online related business for at least a couple of months, you may have a good idea of what a conversion is. Let’s say that you’re selling some goods or services online. To make a sale, you’re making use of your website with pretty decent traffic or optimized for search engines.
Let’s also assume that 20 people visit your site every day. Out of 20 visitors, 5 people made a purchase, clicked a link you provided, or clicked a Call to Action button, and as a result, their actions added some value to your business.
By monitoring the conversions, you can tell whether or not you’re getting a return that’s worth your investment. This step will also tell you precisely what you need to optimize. In addition, when you’ve set everything correctly, Google will notice it and do its part in a way it’s supposed to.

How does Google track conversions?

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Here are some of the ways that Google finds out when someone clicks an ad, makes a purchase or fills out a form.
• When an ad is clicked, Google will mark that particular browser with what is commonly known as cookie.
• When a product is purchased, the site will ultimately lead you to a page containing confirm order. When a user clicks confirm, it will be marked.
• When a user is greeted with a thank you page after filling out a form, it’s a confirmation that Google has marked it.
• Similarly, Google Ads users can tell that there has been a conversion if they find that some users did some activities on their website, and they reached a page that says thank you, or order confirmed.


Setting up your Google Ads account isn’t as complicated as it may seem. A lot of first-time users find it intimidating, but if you consider the factors as mentioned above, there shouldn’t be a problem.

If you’ve set up your conversion setting the wrong way, it will show you inaccurate data. For instance, if two users purchased something on your website, it may show as four conversions in the Google Ads. Also, it may record every site visitor as conversions, although they did not provide their information. If this is the case, optimizing your Google Ads account is not possible.

Now that you’ve learned the importance of Google Ads, and conversion tracking, you can keep a check on your business by simply asking the person who’s managing your Google Ads account.

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