Apple May Soon Launch A Search Engine That Will Compete Against Google

It is no secret that Google has pretty much dominated the world of the internet. It is the most popular search engine. But that’s not the only reason why Google has earned its spot amongst the topmost valuable companies. If we look closely, Google has its own operating systems, “Android,” which is the most popular operating system. And in a world of mobile phones, there is always a fierce competition between iOS and Android. Moreover, they have different owners, Apple and Google, respectively.

Both Apple and Android are well-reputed giant companies that generate billions of dollars every year. So it’s not surprising that Apple is coming up with plans to launch its own search engine. Moreover, each iOS device that we have today has Google as its default search engine. Therefore, it makes sense for Apple to create its search engine. Let us look further into the subject.

Signs that show that Apple is working on its search engine

There are quite a good number of signs that clearly indicate Apple’s interest in developing a search engine. So what makes the world assume that Apple is on the brink of launching its own search engine? Find out below!

  • In the last couple of months, Apple is recruiting Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning experts.
  • iOS 14 beta and iPad OS 14 beta clearly shows that Apple is up to something. There have been multiple reports that Apple’s spotlight search on these platforms shows that the system bypasses the Google search when displaying the search results. This alone is convincing enough to determine whether or not Apple is really developing its search engine.
  • There are thousands of Applebots crawling the sites at any time. This is another sign that proves that Apple is gazing its focus on developing a search engine.
  • Another report is that Google has paid billions of dollars to Apple. This is to let the company keep Google as the default search engine on the Safari web browser.

Considering all these factors, we can pretty much conclude that Apple is soon venturing out its own adventure of a search engine. Experts also assume that Google is aware of a search engine that Apple is developing and the treat it entails. So, why would Apple want its own search engine? After all these years, Google is the default search engine on Safari, which is also the default web browser on Apple devices? Let us find out.

Why does Apple want to launch its own search engine?

When two giant companies are under a certain agreement, it would mean that the two companies are well aware of each other’s potentials. It helps both parties benefit from each other. Nonetheless, it also restricts each other’s development in a certain way. For instance, Apple might certainly want to have its own search engine. But this is not possible if they are in agreement with Google.

You may already know that Apple’s Siri and iCloud are very popular. This has given them a chance to work on their own search engine. However, this is not possible as long as their loyalty is with Google.

Another reason we need to consider is whether Apple is desperate for money. However, recently, Apple has been crowned the most valuable company, so we can say that it certainly doesn’t need Google’s money.

It is not clear when Apple will launch its search engine. But we know for sure that the company does things differently. This means it might put an end to Google’s monopoly game in searches and change the behaviour of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) experts.